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  • 2012Beijing Lymphoma Symposium English Version

      A 2012 International Lymphoma Symposium

      Symposium Chairman: Prof. Jun Zhu from Peking University Cancer Hospital (Beijing Cancer Hospital)
      Person in Charge ofgenda of Beijing: Prof. Yuqin Song from Peking University Cancer Hospital (Beijing Cancer Hospital)
      Registration TimeMarch 22nd, Thursday, 2012 (Whole day, Beijing Local Time)
      Symposium TimeMarch 23rd--25th, 2012 (Friday--Sunday, Beijing Local Time)
      Living PlaceBeijing Yulong International Hotel
      Breakfast7:00—10:00am (Lobby on the first floor)
      Meeting Placethe Great Meeting Room (on the first floor)
      Beginning at830am, March 23rd
      8:00am, March 24th
      8:00am, March 25th

      March 22nd, 2012, Thursday

      Lunch: Buffet at Yulong International Hotel (on the first floor)
      Welcome Dinner: all guest speakers and Chairmen
      Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm
      Place: Shanghai Restaurant on the third floor of Yulong International Hotel

      March 23rd, 2012, Friday, Morning

      8:30—8:40      Welcome Speech (Prof. Jiafu Ji, President of Peking University Cancer Hospital)
      Session 1: Transplantation Forum
      Chairman: Prof. Li Yu from the General Army Hospital, Chief of Hematology Department
      8:40—9:10      Prof. Andreas Engert from Germany (Treatment choices and HSCT in HL)
      9:10—9:40      Prof. Philips Bierman from Nebraska Medical Center, USA (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma)
      9:40—10:10     Prof. Daihong Liu from Beijing Hematology Research Institute (The incidence and treatment of PTLD after HSCT)
      10:10—10:30    Questions & Answers
      10:30—10:50    Coffee Break
      Session 2: Clinical Forum 1
      Chairman: Prof. Yongping Song from Henan Provincial Cancer Hospital, Vice-president
      10:50—11:20     Prof. Yexiong Li from Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (The indications and guideline of lymphoma radiotherapy)
      11:20—11:50     Prof. Wei Fan from Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center (Consensus and questions of PET/CT application in lymphomas)                 
      11:50—12:10     Questions & Answers
      12:10—13:30     Lunch (Buffet) & Rest

      March 23rd, 2012, Friday, Afternoon

      Session 1: Clinical Forum 2
      Chairmen: Prof. Junmin Li from Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Chief of Hematology Department
      Prof. Jie Jin from the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, Chief of Hematology Department
      13:30—14:00    Prof. Yonghong Zhang from Beijing Children’s Hospital(Stratified treatment of Children’s lymphoid malignancies according to the differentiate stages of tumor cells)
      14:00—14:30    Prof. Lugui Qiu from Tianjin Hematology Research Institute(Characteristics and treatment choices of elderly lymphoma patients)
      14:30—15:00     Prof. Wenming Chen from Beijing Chaoyang Hosptial (Differentiate diagnosis and treatment choices from mature B-cell lymphomas to plasma cell malignancies)
      15:00—15:30    Prof. Bo Zhang from the Air-force General Hospital (Pulmonary dilemmas in lymphoma patients: diagnosis and management)
      15:30—15:50    Questions & Answers
      15:50—16:10    Coffee Break
      Session 2: Clinical Forum 3
      Chairman: Prof. Wenqi Jiang from Sun Sat-sen University Cancer Center, Chairman of Chinese Lymphoma Society
      16:10—16:40    Prof. Zonghong Shao from the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical Universit (Lymphoma and anemia)
      16:40—17:10     Prof. Xiaoyan Ke from the Third Hospital of Peking University (Treatment choices of refractory/relapsed Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)
      17:10—17:40    Prof. Weijing Zhang from Beijing No.307 Army Hospital (The characteristics and therapy of aggressive gastrointestinal lymphoma)
      17:40—18:00    Questions & Answers
      18:00—19:00    Dinner (Pizza, Hamburger, Fruit, Mineral Water for all attendees)
      19:00—21:30    Meet experts & Case discussion (5 cases from M. D. Anderson, provided by Prof. Ken Young; one case from the People’s Hospital of Peking University, provided by Prof. Dingbao Chen)
      Co-Chair clinicians (Professors Yuankai Shi, Wenqi Jiang, Weijing Zhang, Jun Zhu)
      Co-Chair Pathologists (Professors Xiongzeng Zhu, Gandi Li, Jinfen Wang, Xiaoge Zhou)

      March 24th, 2012, Saturday, Morning

      Session 1: Clinical Forum 4
      Chairman: Prof. Daobin Zhou from Peking Union Hospital
      8:00—8:30    Prof. Ghielmini from Southern Switzerland (Open questions in the treatment of indolent lymphomas)
      8:30—9:00    Prof. Bociek from Nebraska Medical Center, USA (The treatment choices of CLL—experiences from
      UNMC and new data in 2011)
      9:00—9:30    Prof. Kai Fu from Nebraska Medical Center, USA (Molecular diagnosis and biological markers in lymphoma)
      9:30—9:50     Questions & Answers
      9:50—10:10     Coffee Break
      Session 2: Translational Research Forum
      Chairman: Prof. Ti Shen from Peking Union Hospital, Chief of Internal Medicine Department
      10:10—10:40    Prof. Erdan Dong from the National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), Executive President of Medical Sciences Department (How to apply the NSFC Foundation)
      10:40—11:10    Prof. Delong Liu from New York Medical College, USA (How to prepare a good SCI paper)
      11:10—11:40     Prof. Ken Young from M. D. Anderson, USA (Molecular biological markers and its application in clinical trials in lymphoma)
      11:40—12:00    Questions & Answers
      12:00—13:30    Lunch (Buffet) & Rest

      March 24th, 2012, Saturday, Afternoon

      Session 1: Pathology Forum
      Chairman: Prof. Xianghong Li from Peking University Cancer Hospital, Chief of Pathology Department    
      13:30—14:00    Prof. Xiongzeng Zhu from Shanghai Fudan Cancer Hospital (The clinical and pathological diagnostic pitfalls of lymphadenopathy)
      14:00—14:30    Prof. Gang Chen from Fujian Provincial Cancer Hospital (Differentiate diagnosis of GI viral infectious diseases and GI lymphomas)
      14:30—15:00  Prof. Xiaoge Zhou from Beijing Friendship Hospital (nasal & pharyngeal EBV-associated lymphoproliferative disorders)
      15:00—15:20    Questions & Answers
      15:20—15:40    Coffee Break
      Session 2: Clinical Forum 5
      Chairmen: Prof. Bin Jiang from the People’s Hospital of Peking University
      Prof. Jinfen Wang from Shanxi Provincial Cancer Hospital, Vice-president
      15:40—16:10     Prof. Ruan Jia from Weill Cornell Medical College, USA (Tumor microenvironment & lymphoma pathogenesis)
      16:10—16:40     Prof. Mingzhi Zhang from First Hospital of Zhengzhou University (Autoimmune diseases & lymphomas)
      16:40—16:50     Questions & Answers
      16:50—17:20     Prof. Wenru Song from Millenium: Takeda Oncology Company, USA (ADC in lymphomas)
      17:20—17:40      Prof. Qingming Yang from Beijing No.304 Army Hospital (Case report and experiences sharing:the first patient treated with Brentuximab in China—a high refractory Hodgkin’s lymphoma case)
      17:40—18:00     Questions & Answers

      March 25th, 2012, Sunday, Morning

      Lymphoma Centers Introduction & Corporation Forum
      Chairmen: Prof. Changgeng Ruan from Jiangsu Hematology Research Institute, Chief
      Prof. Yuankai Shi from Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Vice-president
      Prof. Hanyun Ren from the First Hospital of Peking University, Chief of Hematology Department
      Workshop introduction from eleven lymphoma centers around China, including clinical, pathological and basic research interesting, experiences and corporation opportunities
      8:00—8:20     Prof. Huiqiang Huang (Lymphoma Center of Sun Sat-sun University Cancer Center)
      8:20—8:40     Prof. Xiaonan Hong (Lymphoma Center of Shanghai Fudan Cancer Hospital)
      8:40—9:00     Prof. Jianyong Li (Lymphoma Center of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital)
      9:00—9:20     Prof. Huaqing Wang (Lymphoma Center of Tianjin Cancer Hospital)
      9:20—9:40     Prof. Qingyuan Zhang (Lymphoma Center of Heilongjiang Provincial Cancer Hospital)
      9:40—10:00    Prof. Mingzhi Zhang (Lymphoma Center of Henan Province)
      10:00—10:20   Prof. Jingwen Wang (Lymphoma Center of Beijing Tongren Hospital)
      10:20—10:40   Prof. Xiaoyan Ke (Lymphoma Center of the Third Hospital of Peking University)
      10:40—11:00   Prof. Weijing Zhang (Lymphoma Center of Beijing No. 307 Army Hospital)
      11:00—11:20   Prof. Yuankai Shi (Lymphoma Center of Chinese Academy Cancer Hospital)
      11:20—11:40   Prof. Jun Zhu (Lymphoma epidemiology in China & Beijing in recent 10 years; and Lymphoma Center of Peking University Cancer Hospital)
      11:40—12:00   Discussion
      12:00—13:00   Lunch (Buffet)

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